Getting A Tattoo For The First Time? Check Out This Guide!

getting a tattoo for the first time

A heart, star or infinity sign … More and more people are creating tattoos on their bodies and celebs like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber even sit almost completely covered with tattoos.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and an act with serious consequences. Joining a tattoo for the first time can be impressive. Somewhat brutal people often imagine that could possibly make fun of our ridiculous questions, we who have no ink to fly … At that shyness can be added the fear of pain, the pressure of knowing the irreversible act, the information to be used for the care etc …

Are you a tattoo addict? Here is a little guide to help you in most of your first tattoo, and help you make the right decisions.

  1. You Must Be Old …If you’d like a tattoo, you must be old enough of course. Your parents must then approve and go as you let him put.
  1. A Tattoo Will Never Ever Leave …Do not do anything hasty! A tattoo is permanent and often visible, so you need to be super sure.
  1. Tattoos Require Maintenance …Unfortunately, it is just like clothing: can fade colors. And that means – if you want to keep your tattoo at its best – occasionally must return for a touch up.
  1. The Place … The place where you want to put your tattoo is obviously super important! If you are applying for a job as a cashier, your future boss might not be so happy that you’ve got a huge tattoo on your neck. Think so well in advance situations in which you might want to hide your tattoo.
  1. The Tattoo …The most important part is how the tattoo will look. You still have to find this beautiful design in twenty, fifty or even eighty years. Only put something that fits you and not something your boyfriend or BFF like. Do you want a tattoo with meaning? Ask yourself whether that meaning is special enough to put on your body. Now you find your boyfriend the sweetest, but the question is whether you still want your buttock his name over 5, 10 or 25 years … Once you have a design, you can print it on paper and tattoo on your body paste.
  1. The End Result Is Unpredictable …You may have done research on tattoo artists; it may just be the case that those colorful butterflies on your shoulder suddenly look completely different than the list on your wall home.
  1. Spell Check NEVER Enough …Things you do not want to: 1) spelling errors 2) Incorrect translations 3) Grammatical errors 4) A language is not a language at all.In short: check, check and double check.
  1. Fade Colors …Bright red in the pot = on the skin of your tattooist almost burgundy = your skin almost orange. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but what we want to say: you are not at the Gamma.
  1. Tattoo Studio … When you finally completely sure what tattoo you want, it’s time to look for a tattoo studio. Google for experience and opinions of others. Take a look at the price, a tattoo is quite simply expensive. Do you see a studio where it is cheaper? Then you should perhaps don’t go.

Bonus tip:

Of course do not hide anything from your parents. Always discuss everything with your parents!

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