Creative and Scary Halloween Makeup Tips And Ideas

makeup tips for halloweens

October is very near; it means it is very close to enjoy Halloween festival, a long – awaited celebration in many corners of the world, especially in the United States, especially where it comes from tradition. It means that Halloweens are coming. I think you’ll have to start preparing for the big Halloween party. But if you have not got any idea of matching makeup to your outfit, let us introduce you some inspiration and suggestions. You would not need a mask when you create a unique makeup.

When we talk about tips for Halloween makeup and costume, we speak about most creepy pictures and characters shown in horror movies. We should also mention some true classics as well. Some costumes like: Count Dracula and the Mummy are always preferred and classic choice.

The beautiful and creative Halloween makeup tips represent the hottest makeup trends in 2016. We have selected makeup suggestions for Halloween for men and women. The trends in women Halloween makeup were influenced by cinema and fashion podium.

If you plan to dress up tonight, we discuss below some tricks or tips that you should keep in mind to get a good Halloween makeup. This diverse and creative Halloween makeup tips and costume ideas will surely inspire you and help you an original costume for the upcoming celebration pick. Most of the ingredients discussed you have in your house anyway.

Watch out the video as well, you’ll surely like the ideas:

Women Halloween Makeup Tips

To advise on the best Halloween makeup tips for women, we will tell you which part of your body you want makeup, what would be most advisable:

  • Face: Whether you think you can dress up or not, paint your face with some white powder to clarify your skin, which will give you a whitish and mysterious look. If you have something more you can add in the face and make some red spots that simulate blood.
  • Eyes: You can paint your eye area with black color, which will help you create even more mystery on your face. Particularly on the eyelids, you can take a grayish tone or silver.
  • Lips: On many occasions, they usually represent a beautiful vampire with red lips, which adds some sensuality in women. In this regard, we recommend paint your lips with a bright red or red paint but somewhat darker (throwing purple). Optionally you can paint the outline of the lips with black.

Men Halloween Makeup Tips

  • Face: If your choice for Halloween 2016 is one of the zombies of “The Walking Dead” you will need a base of light – colored or pale plus makeup blank so that you look really like someone dead or lifeless. Sometimes you can combine the white makeup in black or blue so that the skin looks as if something livid, a much more appropriate color for a zombie. To make a white base you can choose to apply talcum powder, but they do not look as good as a real basis in white, you can buy it from stores or costume aesthetics.
  • Eyes: You can add around some of the two eyes an aura with green and blue paint eyes, so it looks like you’ve fought. If you want to go further, you can also paint your eye area with black color.
  • Lips: You can paint you a little lip with a black or brown.
  • Mouth: Apply some fake blood, which can be purchased easily from stores or create yourself by mixing: corn syrup, water, food coloring, and a thickener and allows you to pretend you just ate someone. Put a little blood, not much, and appear to eat like a victim.
  • Hair: For this costume? You must stain (with talcum powder for example) and especially musing everything you can.

As for the vampire makeup, the base color should be white, like the zombie costume. But, you need to create a lot of dark circles.

While, on the other hand, you will also mark the factions. To do this, we have a very simple trick: Apply a shadow or some black base color on the cheeks, very little amount; and then blending away all you can so that you create a shadow effect that lets you mark your features more like they were somewhat haggard.

Eye makeup for a vampire costume is nothing like choosing shades in gray and black. You can also put some fake blood on the lips and of course, you must not forget the fang you can buy at costume shops.

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