6 Simple Tips to Become More Creative Than Your Boss

become more creative

You might have read the biography of Steve Jobs several times. Did you know? It was one of the most-read books in the world at the time of his death, and I was not much interested in designing and creativity before I read this book.

But after I realize that it was a whole section of my personality that asked only to speak. Therefore, I started looking for advice. Apparently, we must ‘learn to think differently’. Ah! It reminds me of the people who advise you, has confidence in you but…

Since I rolled my hump in the way of creativity and I want to give you simple and practical tips to become creative – other than “learn to think differently.”

Because if you’re not creative, you are going to repeat or copy – and worse. You will not be able to adapt, create or improve concepts, ideas, and even your work documents.

By becoming more creative, you can quickly and easily convince your colleagues, clients or your boss at work. It is also very important to be innovative and inventive, and you will have the feeling of a job well done, be proud of your ideas and what you create. I really think it’s important for a human being to create and let express this need for creation. I had recently publish an article about signs of creative people must take a look of this blog post for brainstorming.

Here are 6 tips to become more creative:

Read the 6 best tips for brainstorming and become more creative than you are:

  1. Study the different areas

You can apply the concepts to other areas of your specialty. For that, you must be open up to other areas. Look towards your passions for example.

  • Get inspired concepts of the sport during your speech or presentation. How to make the break? Win a set? Make an ace?
  • Read books on architecture and painting
  • Meet artists.
  1. Use graphics

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. But, if you are like me and are not a graphic designer or photographer, and you do not want to spend an afternoon to find the right image (without finding) … So use graphics.

Let me show you some examples:

When to use it?

  • Spend more and more time in understanding meaning type images from different angles.
  • To create the indicators. The famous KPI for consultants who read us.
  • Conceptualize an idea
  • Synthesize a principle

How can you do that?

  • Smart Art (available in Word, PowerPoint …) + Keywords of your idea
  1. Link 2 concepts

This is advice given to me by a marketing specialist. It works very well to create and explain a concept. It’s extremely powerful to return immediately in the imagination of your contact. Let me give you some examples:

  • Alien = The Jaws in space
  • Jurassic Park = The Jaws to prehistory
  • iPad = Between the iPhone and the MacBook
  1. Study advertising, comic, great artists…

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Picasso

  • David Ogilvy, George Lois, Claude C. Hopkins … These people have brilliant ideas. They had explained those in their books how they came up with great ideas!
  • The comic is very good to pinpoint a typical or atypical behavior for categories and out of character traits.
  • Read quotes of artists correspondences like: Picasso and Degas
  1. Fill your home with pens and notepads!

Remember to fill your home and everywhere you sit and go with pen and notepads. Sometimes it happens; you get a million dollar idea. But the problem is; you cannot record these ideas because you do not have a pen and a notebook, then the idea that you think best is gone. You become stress.

So always have pens and notepads with you and note down every idea you come up through brainstorming. Don’t forget your best ideas.

  1. Keep yourself surrounded by creative people

Whether socializing outside or cyberspace. Yes, the people around you are able to inspire you. They can to germinate ideas from your thinking for experiences, readings, and different ideas.


By concluding these tips, I’d like to say that do not always blame you. When you blame yourself, you are hard to forge ahead, moving forward. You have to put yourself in a stressful situation. Therefore, you cannot see a way out to be better and to be a creative person.

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